Rato do Prédio no Caderno 3 do Diário do Nordeste

Falex Vidal : 1 de September de 2013 18:03 : Blog

Confiram a matéria sobre HQs virtuais publicada no Caderno 3 do jornal Diário do Nordeste. Fiquei muito grato de ver o Rato do Prédio como capa do caderno, além de dividir espaço com o pessoal que produz o webcomic Até o Fim do Mundo. Obrigado e parabéns à equipe que fez a matéria, e muito obrigado pelo destaque também. Me assustei quando vi o Rato numa splash page. 🙂



Capa do Caderno 3

Página interna com a matéria

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My comic book year

Falex Vidal : 27 de July de 2013 14:49 : Blog

I’m trying to register my year ahead while I’m on this effort of making my graphic novel. I’ll post the video updates of my work, my way of doing things and some past stories about the motivations of this work. Stay tuned for more soon.

A day in the life of Falex Vidal – making the (untitled) graphic novel – part 1 from Falex Vidal on Vimeo.

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Jon Snow, Don’t be a Fool

Falex Vidal : 23 de March de 2013 02:34 : Blog, Illustration

Game of Thrones is almost here. We’re approaching March, 31, when the 3rd season opens on HBO. I can’t wait to see what this series brings next. I haven’t read the books yet, but I’m seriously considering reading everything after the end of 3rd season.

Well, the illustration below is a homage to Game of Thrones, and it showcases our reluctant hero, Jon Snow. Well, if you still don’t know what Game of Thrones is about, hurry up and watch the HBO series. It’s awesome!


Here goes the creative process, step by step:

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Falex Vidal : 18 de March de 2013 01:42 : Blog

Just practicing a bit and doodling a little, yesterday I tried to make another self-portrait. I know I ain’t no Brad Pitt, but do you think this worked?



Sunset Boulevard – The Nose Scene

Falex Vidal : 18 de March de 2013 00:23 : Blog

And there’s that scene in Sunset Boulevard, when a young writer explains for the protagonist why she hadn’t a successful career as an actress. All because of a deviated nose. After going to the doctor and fixing the nose, she just discovered that working behind the camera was more exciting than the spotlight.

The underlying attraction between these two characters is unmatched. I’ve never seen so much sexual tension in a scene where no one undresses. The moment when William Holden, fellow on the edge, can not resist kissing her nose is one of the most erotic in film noir genre. A simple kiss nose can turn the attraction between writer and fellow totally believable and poignant. Billy Wilder, the man of the details that made the difference.

Sunset Boulevard

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