Here we go again

8513014940_3655e83b6d_oYeah. It’s fascinating to remember that launching a site like this could be a real battle over 10 years ago.

I remember when I built the website for Rat Central and had to research a full package of programming language (BTW, that language was ASP) to connect a page to a database (just like Microsoft Acccess) and voilá! The site was ready to be launched. Unfortunately, I wasn’t a developer, and the difficulties in the process were overwhelming. The technical issues were as many as the drops in the ocean.

I was so alone, and it was so hard to draw, ink, colorize, animate, make the soundtrack and publish the files on the web. Adding to this, I still had to check the code and see if everything was working fine. It was just like a long and winding road to be a webmaster in the early 2000’s.

Now, all the tools are made and ready to be used. (Almost) everything already has been developed.

When I decided to launch a site about my work, I was ready to enter into another struggle. But I was surprised how easy it was to make a website in the 2010’s. I spent maybe 10 minutes just testing and adapting the theme on WordPress to meet my needs. When everything was suitable, just one click and – voilá again!

It was natural to feel compelled to add a blog to publish some rants. But now I can also publish some info about my work, too. I expect to update this more frequently, and with your help, we can talk a lot not only about my work, but about some enjoyable things in life (movies, for example). I’m planning to make some videocasts too. Expect some news about it soon.

Well, it’s good to be back. Welcome to my official site, and spread the word about it! Exciting times are coming …

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