The Big Rat


The first comic book launched by the collective The Comics Cafe brings the adventures of The Big Rat. Its importance for the national comics is due for being one of the pioneers to have its stories published in the form of webcomics – Central do Rato website, which ran between 1999 and 2004.

With the release of The Comics Cafe website, the character was rescued and now have compiled its stories in special editions that will be released throughout the year. The first edition marks the transition from web to paper, with his adventures in the format that were originally planned.

The main character:

The Big Rat is an unemplyed cartoon who lives in Sketchtown, mecca of the comics industry in the West. The city is ruled by authoritarian Falex The Publisher, owner of Control Comics. The cartoons are locked up and enslaved to keep alive the entertainment industry. It is against this system that the voice of The Rat stands in order to someday see his people free from oppression of humans.

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