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Since 2012, I ‘ve been working at Instituto Atlantico (a partner of HP Brazil and USA) as a UX Researcher and Front-End Developer for a wide array of projects such as HP Magcloud, HP ePrint, HP Clasp and HP Live Docs.

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I am involved in many aspects of researching and development, bringing a UX approach to HP software and working collaboratively with teams in Fortaleza, Porto Alegre and Palo Alto. Although I can’t showcase the results here (I work under a confidential contract and the mentioned projects above were already released, but there are many others we’re engaged right now that are still at the development phase), I can talk a little about the UX techniques applied along this time span, which relied on immersion, ideation and test phases learnt from the Design Thinking process.

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Working on user-centered goals (which means conducting surveys, making user researching reports, elaborating personas and user journeys, identifying problems, prototyping, testing, conducting user testing sessions etc. ) was an essential approach to promote insights on those projects and improve them for the better. HP is one the big innovation players worldwide, and it’s a company which really cares about their user experience. Atlantico is a strong and trustful partner on the road to the successful achievements that really matter.

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